*2023 Garden Plot holders are provided the opportunity to renew for the 2024 season. We anticipate reaching out to those plot holders in early February 2024.
*Date TBD: We will open up all remaining plots to the general public.
*PERENNIAL PLOTS: Have access to their plot once registered.
*SEASONAL TILLED PLOTS: Plots are expected to be tilled in late March/early April. This is weather permitting so please be patient. We will notify gardeners when this is completed.
*WATER: Typically we try to have the water turned on by mid-April (also weather permitting)
*END OF SEASON: Water will be turned off by the end of October and gardeners will be expected to have their plots cleared by mid-November.

PERENNIAL PLOTS: Perennial Plots are plots that may be gardened year round. Fencing may be left up and other gardening supplies and structures may be left inside you garden area. Deposits for this type of plot will be held from year to year and will be returned when you no longer choose to garden your plot. Parks and Recreation will NOT till these plots.
SEASONAL PLOTS: Seasonal plots will be tilled by Parks and Recreation at the beginning of each garden season. Fencing and supplies be must removed at the end of gardening season in November. Deposits will be returned after satisfactory clean up.
RAISED BEDS: These are small plots for beginners or small scale gardeners. Raised beds will be maintained by Parks and Recreation and must be cleared at the end of each gardening season in November.
If you have any questions regarding garden plots, please contact the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department at (614) 901-6500.

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